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Acrylic Denture Repair

It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s strong–and matches the entire Excel Formula® product range!

The shade is so precise that you will not be able to see the finished line. Our Denture Repair Material bonds well and its crossed-linked polymer provides enhanced strength with excellent flow characteristics for quick and easy repairs.

  • Technicians love the small particle size that allows no slumping during buildup
  • Cross-linked polymer provides enhanced strength
  • Versatile across many different appliances
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Outstanding Performance – Superior Durability- Ease of Use

The best denture repair acrylic available!

Varied Use

Self-curing resin that is ideal for many different applications such as: repairs, relines, tooth pop-offs, flippers and immediate dentures. This material is very user friendly as it can be easily controlled with a salt and pepper technique during build up, or measured and mixed in a vessel and then applied.

Super-fine Polymer Bead

This specially formulated cross-linked polymer provides enhanced strength within the prosthesis. Dental professionals have come to love the superior polymer bead that makes repair lines easier to grind and finish to a high surface sheen.