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Excel Formula® Dental Acrylic Powders

A range of easy-to-use high-performance dental acrylic powders, liquids and lab products that meets the core needs of the dental laboratory and enables the production of long lasting, high quality dental acrylic work, quickly and efficiently. The Excel Formula® dental acrylics were developed by St. George Technology’s parent company Makevale Group, whose materials is used globally by the top dental corporations.

All our dental acrylic powders and liquids are online and our shop is fully stocked with Excel Formula® dental acrylics in all shades and package sizes. Order before 12pm EST and we will ship your order the same day.

Excel Formula® dental acrylic lab products are also stocked by all major dental supply companies. Find where to buy  from a location near you.


Guidance on Use of Appropriate Liquid

Our high performance polymers have been formulated to achieve their unique properties and working characteristics through the specific combination of base powder and corresponding monomer liquid. You will be offered the available sizes of appropriate liquid on the shopping cart prior to checkout.

Curing, handling, and color cannot be guaranteed if another liquid is used.