Global Supply Chain

Depend on St. George Technology to maintain deliveries of your key components.

As part of a vertically integrated manufacturer with a highly diversified global supply chain, we have a proven track record of successfully collaborating with customers and vendors of all sizes.

Our custom acrylics are manufactured in world class factories with the best reliability and reproducibility in the industry. We are an acrylic manufacturer of the most demanding applications ranging from cosmetics to medical appliances to the aerospace industry. We work with customers on clinical research, product development and successful launch of many acrylic products.

We place a strong emphasis on developing close collaborative relationships with all vendors, maintaining the highest level of raw material integrity as well as mitigating supply interruptions. We recognize the importance of our products in our customers’ supply chains and maintain capacity and stock safeguards to provide diversity and avoid supply disruption.

Proven Record of Reliable Supply

Expertise In Cosmetic Acrylics Manufacture and Distribution

Our expertise is creating cosmetic and biotech materials to demanding specifications, and manufacturing these to a consistently high-quality batch after batch in our FDA compliant factories. We produce and supply biopolymers to some of the world’s leading cosmetics and biomaterials companies, who in turn use our polymers for a wide range of materials.

World’s Largest Capacity for Nail Acrylics

For nail acrylic manufacturers and distributors looking for a reliable supply chain, our three manufacturing facilities have the world’s largest capacity for cosmetic nail powders. We recognize the importance of our products in our customers’ supply chain. We maintain capacity and stock safeguards to provide supply chain security.

Minimum Order Quantities

We require a minimum order size of 110 lbs for each of our standard powders and will typically ship within 2 weeks of your order. The minimum order size for a custom product is dependent on the degree of customization required.

Safety is Paramount

Our dental biocompatible polymers have been confirmed by the FDA to stay inert to the immune system while maintaining performance.

The neXSTGen® EMA powders and monomers as well as our Copolymer Blend are formulated to the same exacting standards as our medical grade products.