Acrylic Casting Resins

Ultra-Clear Acrylic Casting Resins

From submarine cockpits to architectural panels to marketing displays, St. George Technology’s acrylic casting resins have a diverse range of applications.

  • St. George Technology’s clear casting resins have exceptional optical clarity, transparency and UV stability
  • Our acrylic casting resins are strong as well as scratch resistant
  • St. George Technology’s versatile casting resins provide the perfect solution for your custom acrylic fabrications.

Our clear casting resins have exceptional:

  • clarity
  • transparency
  • color
  • UV stability
  • minimal shrinkage

Their chemical and scratch resistance, toughness and the ability to resist breaks provides the perfect solution for both interior and exterior acrylic fabrications.

St. George Technology acrylic casting resins may be formulated to your specifications. We are able to modify our materials to provide optimal particle size and molecular weight as well as vary the pour and set time for your specific requirement.

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Look No Further Than St George Technology’s Acrylic Casting Resins!