Acrylic Recognition Products

With a diverse range of applications, St. George Technology offers a complete line of casting acrylics. From recognition awards to artistic creations to interior signage, St. George Technology’s acrylics provide a multitude of possibilities.

Our clear casting resins have exceptional optical clarity, transparency, impact and UV stability, as well as minimal shrinkage. Their chemical resistance, toughness and ability to resist breakages and scratching means they are perfect for indoor or outdoor use for custom acrylic fabrications.

We offer:

  • A full range of casting acrylic
  • Easy integration into your existing system
  • Specially formulated resins specifically designed for your next embedment project
  • A crystal clear acrylic that will please your most demanding customer

Please contact our business development team to learn more about our versatile clear casting resins.

Durability – Clarity – Versatility – Chemical Resistance
Look No Further Than Acrylic Casting Resins From St. George Technology!


  • Our clear casting resin is a perfect solution for embedment and customized recognition projects

  • Whether for business solutions or not-for-profit recognition – St. George Technology’s acrylic resins clearly produce stunning results