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Dipping Powder

Next Generation Dipping Powders

The finest medical grade acrylic is matched with our highly proven formulas to create the finest flowing dipping powders on the market.

Our wholesale dipping powders are listed below. We offer a variety of bulk dipping powder in clear, white, light pink, and cover pink. All of our dipping powders are 9-Free, Cruelty-Free, and MMA- Free.  Contact us if you have questions, need larger quantities, or have custom requirements.

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Premium Nail Dip and Sculpting Powders

St. George Technology offers premium products with our neXSTGen® powders and liquids. For our customers using alternative monomers, our copolymer blend acrylic satisfies many of today’s monomer chemistries.

Dipping Powder Products

neXSTGen® Dipping Powder MA-097

Flexible yet strong this formula offers even adhesion creating a smooth texture and wearability of up to three weeks

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neXSTGen® Dual Purpose powder MV-35

Effortless bead pick-up. Combines quickly with our monomer for a buttery consistency, even application and long wear.

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neXSTGen® Copolymer Blend MV-44

Created to satisfy the most demanding monomer chemistries, this acrylic is durable yet provides the flex for long lasting wear.

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Also from St. George Technology are these remarkable Nail Cosmetic Products:

Sculpting Powder

Beautiful clarity, luxurious flow and dependable durability are all hallmarks of our finest line of cosmetic acrylics. Consistent bead size provides a highly…

Dual-Purpose Powder

A powerful performer, this multi-use powder is a beautiful sculpting acrylic and dipping powder in one formula. Medical grade and vegan, this EMA polymer…

Copolymer Blend Powder

Created to satisfy the most demanding monomer chemistries, our Copolymer blend acrylic MV-44 goes on smooth and clear producing perfect…


EMA and primerless, our monomers provide superior adhesion and UV protection in three formulations, Standard, Pro, and Elite.