Wax rim with high distortion resistance. Carves and trims easily

Excel Formula® Waxes, Bite Rims & Baseplate Wax

  • Premium base plate and bite rim wax providing excellent impression retention
  • High strength formulation provides distortion resistance during wax rim try-ins 
  • Base plate wax is offered in regular and tough strengths
wax rim and base plate wax
Excel Formula®

Bite Rims & Baseplate Wax

Our waxes have been specially formulated to offer higher temperature stability while maintaining structural integrity, avoiding flaking or tearing.

Our waxes are offered in an esthetically pleasing pink shade; they are known for their ease of use and consistency. These materials have been formulated for superior impression retention as well as a clean boil-out after use.

*Professional use only

Bite Rims

  • Pink preformed bite rims
  • Carves clean and won’t break at try-in
  • Excellent impression retention
  • Boils out cleanly leaving no oily residue

Baseplate Wax

  • Premium baseplate wax with high temperature stability
  • Easily moldable in softened state, and does not flake, crack or tear
  • Higher strength keeps from distorting in mouth
  • Carves and trims nicely at room temperature
Pink Acrylic Resin Shade

Outstanding Performance – Superior Durability – Ease of Use

The BEST wax rim and base plate wax available on the market!

High Temperature Stability

The Excel Formula® Baseplate features two different high quality waxes – regular and tough, each providing adaptability in various  working environments.  These materials are also formulated with high temperature stability giving confidence to the dental professional.

Save time

Preformed Excel Formula® Bite Rims provide a concave base which adapts well to the baseplate and model.  These bite rims provide medium firmness and superior definition. Economically priced in boxes of 100.


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