Heat cure acrylic resin for high impact acrylic dentures

Excel Formula® Ultra-Hi Heat Cure Denture Base

  • Ultra-Hi material providing the highest level of quality and technical confidence
  • Multiple curing methods provides the dental professional freedom to adapt to his or her system
  • Superior flexural strength gives patients the assurance of quality and satisfaction
Excel Formula®

Ultra-Hi Heat Cure Denture Base Material

This Ultra-High Heat Cure material provides high impact protection and exceptional flexural strength.

Whether the patient is a vigorous chewer or constantly drops the denture, this will withstand the test of time, while looking natural and aesthetically pleasing. Move up to the platinum standard and try our Excel Formula® Ultra-Hi Denture Base Material today!

*Professional use only

Outstanding Performance – Superior Durability – Ease of Use

The best heat cure acrylic resin available on the market

Flexural Strength

Our Ultra-Hi Heat Cure is a market leader. This product has been formulated with exceptional flexural strength. With these two key features, this material provides the Ultra-Hi material a slight bending aspect which keeps the material from being brittle and subject to cracking and/or breaking. 

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