Pourable acrylic resin perfect for intricate appliances.

Excel Formula® Pourable Acrylic Denture Base

  • Market leader in strength
  • Shades can be customized to match your appliances 
  • Curing method requires very little heat and pressure – saving energy costs
Excel Formula®

Pourable Acrylic Denture Base

High performance polymer in a pourable acrylic.

With the Excel Formula Pourable acrylic, you can enjoy a pourable denture base that mixes quickly to produce the perfect consistency required for optimum flow and exceptional performance.

*Professional use only

Outstanding Performance – Superior Durability – Ease of Use 

The best pourable acrylic resin available!

Exceptionally Fast

The Excel Pourable Denture Base Material requires minimal heat, less pressure and less time when curing the prosthesis!  This material provides a mixing and pour time of 4-5 minutes, with a curing time of 20-minutes. Our quick-cure method enables high production – reducing energy and labor costs.

Small Particle Size

Formulated with a finer particle size – preventing porosity while keeping shrinkage at a minimum. The finer particle size aids in superior bonding to teeth while creating a denser prosthesis.

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