Ortho resin well suited to metal appliances and avoids slumping

Excel Formula® Orthodontic Resin

  • Technicians love the small particle size that allows no slumping during buildup
  • A bench cure product – saves on cost 
  • Adapts well to metal wires providing confidence to the dental professional
  • Provides superior strength and comfortable fit 
ortho resin
Excel Formula®

Orthodontic Denture Base Material

Our Orthodontic Base Material has been manufactured to a very fine particle size which eliminates slumping during build-up.

This material performs well with the salt-and-pepper technique and its ease of control gives technicians the consistency they desire.

*Professional use only

  • Self-cure resin with superior clarity
  • Eliminates slumping during buildup
  • 10-minute quick cure in hydroflask
  • Powder mixes easily into liquid while minimizing porosity
  • Buffs to a high surface sheen within minutes
  • Exceptional color stability
Clear Acrylic Resin

Outstanding Performance – Superior Durability – Ease of Use

The best ortho resin available on the market!

Super-fine Particle Bead

This slump-free material is formulated with a fine particle polymer allowing the monomer to quickly absorb during build up. The polymer bead is a superior material for strength, ideal for bite splints and other appliances. Our Excel Formula Orthodontic Resin is an exceptional choice for advanced appliances with intricate metal framework.


While this material is recommended for pressure curing, it may also be cured at 74°F for 20-minutes or processed at an expedited cure of 10-minutes at 110°F. All options will produce superior clarity while providing a high surface sheen with minimal polishing and finishing.

Available Products

Outstanding Performance – Superior Clarity & Durability – Ease of Use

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