Lab putty providing strength and accuracy. Long shelf life

Excel Formula® Lab Putty

  • One of our best-selling products
  • Blending of the catalyst is easy and grease-free
  • Provides sharp, accurate impressions
  • Long term shelf life 
dental putty
Excel Formula®

Lab Dental Putty Material

One of the best products on the market, Excel® Formula Dental Lab Putty provides a high level of performance and accuracy for the dental professional.

*Professional use only

  • Fine-grained putty providing greater detail and accuracy
  • 2-3 minutes of working time/sets in 8-10 minutes
  • Premium material at a highly competitive price
  • Excellent repeatability 

Outstanding Performance – Superior Durability – Ease of Use

The best dental lab putty available on the market

Multiple Application Uses

This material is perfect for the dental professional requiring versatility and multiple application use. This condensation putty is ideal for matrices, block outs, model repair, and heat protection of dentures and/or teeth. Our lab putty is formulated with premium raw materials, yielding high quality and precise results.

Easy Blending Process

Ease of blending, the gel catalyst is specially formulated to allow easy incorporation into the base putty leaving the model and technician’s hands grease-free. Both products also offer long term shelf life.

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