Heat cure acrylic resin with multiple curing options. Low allergy

Excel Formula®Heat Cure Denture Base

  • Considered one of the finest Heat Cure denture base materials in the industry
  • Multiple curing options
  • Low residual monomer
Excel Formula®

Heat Cure Denture Base Material

Finally, a higher impact heat-cure denture base that combines superior workability with a quick cure option!

Excel Formula® Heat Cure Denture Base material is a Lab Technician’s dream.  Outstanding  performance, saving time and money.

*Professional use only

  • Multiple curing options
  • Great impact strength
  • Reaches snap dough consistency within 5 minutes, workable for another 30 minutes
  • Excellent color stability, matches our Rapid Repair Material
  • Super-fine particle size enhances strength and eliminates porosity
  • Low residual monomer

Acrylic Resin Shades

Outstanding Performance – Superior Durability – Ease of Use 

The best heat cured resin available on the market


This product is extremely versatile as it offers three different curing options in one material. The first option is our quick cure method that can process a full denture in less than 60 minutes. The second option is usually termed an overnight cure and is processed with lower heat for 8 hours. The final curing option is a Microwave method that fully cures within 10-minutes (time varies upon flask type and microwave wattage).


This material is very user friendly as it boasts a short dough time of around 5 minutes and a long working time of around 25 minutes. This gives the technician an ideal time frame in order to complete high production output without compromising the finished product. This material is also formulated to have low residual monomer which is an ideal choice for highly sensitive patients.

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