Acrylic denture shade guide for our 4 shades in 3 thicknesses.

Lab Product Accessories

  • Excel Formula® Isolating Solution
  • Acrylic Shade Guide
  • Denture Bags

Acrylic Shade Guide

This shade guide is made out of our Heat-Cure material in our 5 life-like shades: Light Veined, Veined, Reddish Veined, Dark Veined and Clear.  These tabs match all of our Excel Formula® Acrylic products.

denture shade guide - denture gum shade guide

Excel Formula® Isolating Solution

This superior tin foil substitute allows easy separation of acrylic appliances from stone models. It is fast drying and only requires one coat. The continuous flow permits the solution to penetrate and gel on stone without sticking to teeth or metal. Alcohol free and water-soluble. 

*Professional use only

Denture Bags

These Excel Formula® branded poly bags go great with any of our Premium Denture Base Materials.

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